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Your Specialty Bulletin, Issue #5 -- Social Event Planning & Business Solutions
May 31, 2007

We're Crazy for Pink and Business Solutions!

We've gone Pink to fight Breast Cancer

We have just released our Breast Cancer Awareness Special Edition Candle Catalog featuring our Breast Cancer Pink Power Candle Kit.

We are asking all to assist us in our fight to educate the public about his killer and win the war against it.

This issue of our catalog dedicates a special handmade candle to help fight the war against Breast Cancer. Your purchase of the Pink Power Kit helps provide funds for education and research for finding a cure for this deadly disease. The kit is armed with a beautiful handmade gel candle housed in a champagne flute, various educational information on Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Resource Card, Sister Network Pamphlet, Self Examination Card, Breast Cancer Ribbon Pin and Bookmark.

V & L Specialties need you to join us in fighting this killer. By ordering this kit, victims will no longer fight this battle alone. Each time you light the Pink Power Kit, you are lighting the candle of hope and giving those that feel they no longer have the strength to fight, the Power to Survive. The Aroma of your Pink Power Candle is the scent of Victory.

Candles by V & L Specialties

Checked out our Candles lately? If not you're behind the power curve. V & L Specialties now offer you our own line of Handmade Scented Gel Candles.

These are our very own in house candles that you can order at any time. Get our 4 popular colors or custom order your own. The possibilities are endless.
Each candle is hand made with the best raw materials. Each color and scent is carefully created with our customers in mind.

Currently we offer Champagne flutes, mini flutes, shot glasses and travel tins with much more to come. They make great banquet centerpieces, party favors, wedding favors, home/office decor, gift baskets and the list goes on. Need them for a fundraiser? We can take care of that. Give us a call we will be happy to assist you.
Our private candle line is currently offered at special introductory price; don't miss out on the savings.
Wedding/Social Invitations & Accessories

Don't get stressed out because you have a big event. V & L Specialties has the solution for you. If you haven't visited our Wedding and Social Event Shop, you are really missing out.

We have the best brands in the nation when it comes to invitations and party favors and accessories. We specialize in making your wedding or social event the talk of the town by providing you with quality products and unbelievable value.

Don't see what you're looking for on our website? Call us; our stock is so huge it is practically impossible to list all of them here. We will be happy to hear from you and eager to help you plan a memorable event. We may also have a sales rep in your area to come to you. It only takes a phone call or e-mail.
Be your own boss
If you have a hobby, skill, information or experience you can be your own boss or bring in extra money to your household.

Let us asssit you and building a business the right way. Don't get caught up in the get rich quick schemes. Let us help you today.
Visit our site to get started or fill in one our our business solutions forms. If you would like to book a webinar or want a rep to contact you or speak to your group contact us today.

Having your own business could be easier.
Current Sales and Savings

Buy a set of personalized post it notes and recieve a free holder. Call/email for details

Take 20% off your purchase in our Paper and Stuff Catalog. Contact us if you do not have our catalog, we will send you one at no charge.

Handmade Gel Champagne flute candles are now $4.00. Go to our website/email/call to order.

Graphic Design charge waived with the purchase of 250 or more business cards. Contact us to place order.

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